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She makes me feel kinda funny I was hoping for my secret crush At least Jessica looks like she could kick ass.

Superman should really be the tallest and most imposing figure of the BIG 3, but with a 6'1" WW and a 6'5" Batman, they're gonna need to cast Yao Ming as Supes to keep up! By the time the sequel comes out, she'll look more like Grandma Moses than a Greek Goddess.

This is an "OK" casting choice, but she'd damn well better hit the gym because she's a little soft. Nice shot but something weird about the chesty area. Milf mom goes wild. Her face isn't wonder woman though.

That girl's pretty hot. Megan gale nude pics. Now I may indeed be out of Kim Smith's league and definitely out of Biel's who also would have been a superior choice. Catherine Zeta Jones was the ideal candidate. She's infinitely more attractive than any of your girlfriends CST WB is making the same mistake they made 23 years by emeraldboy. I'm interested in hearing her deliver lines though. That would make everybody happy. Eh, whatever, I won't have any trouble watching her either way.

I have no idea if she can act Make him the Superman of the JLA franchise, and bring in the new guy for the reboot in the standalone Superman films. Milf hunter full free. All images display on this site are gathered from Free Sites and Usenets. And they look real and spectacular!

The real Wonder Woman's earlobes are flawless, so fuck you George Miller, are you blind? I'm frustrated with WB. Not that there's anything wrong with sassy whores by Sick Fixx. He's 6'5", and an amateur magician. She's perfect for it.

That was one of the great parts about Firefly. Not much makeup or wigs needed. It's a total no brainer but the studio needs a piece of ass to sell to the masses so here we are. Back to the drawing board. I depsite rumours of Movie. Passed out college girl fucked. I'm pretty sure she can kick MY ass y'now? Basically, don't make us look like a bunch of whiney, snotty, smug, ungrateful creeps. And REAL dragons are intelligent and talk.

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CST Lawless got bored of playing Xena by emeraldboy. George Miller you have sunk badly since Mad Max. Sissy girl panties. Shit i'm 24 and all that ageism shit is exactly what it is bullshit!

CST wow by peterwatts. CST Why it might not work by ptfilms. My point is that there are many other more attractive women out there that otherwise seem interchangeable with Gale. CST Let's try this again But didn't Warner have a problem with casting Charisma Carpenter in the role of Wonder Woman because she posed for Playboy?

She looks good all sweaty and hot, but 'act' as in Streep? CST by Rommel Catuncan. By your own definition basically everyone who is not an American is a Limey.

The bitch stands 5'10 in boots she'll be 6'1. My biggest concern is Armie Hammer being so young and baby faced, but I'm sure Miller knows what he is doing Just dig her up and put some animatronics in her. Megan gale nude pics. Girl fuck creampie. They burned out their hotness genes early, and now they've got nothing. CST It's all about scaling back expectations by gruntybear. I see what you mean. Plus women can keep themselevs looking younger and more fit these days. But the subtext in your message is that it isn't fair to critique a casting choice in a thread about a casting choice.

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CST Megan Gale by templar. Any one here like Hannah Montana? CST But can she act? That was one of the great parts about Firefly. CST I'm just amused by Blueberry CST geeks yelling and whining for Brandon Routh From that top pic.

If she can act, it'll be great but if she can't, it'll be absolutely disastrous. Bad lesbian porn. Because how many of those statements have been released? Plus Wonder Women was created by a pervert who had a wife and a live in mistress that he made wear wrist bans like wonder women. As to speak for most men, when women are this hot, we tend to forgive other things that are lacking like acting talent, and on screen charisma

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Didn't mean to spoil your little superhero wankfest here From that top pic. Top sexy nude girls. Except for when they prefer a twist of lemon. She's no kid, that's for sure Hell, even Jessica Biel! In that 2nd picture she's a dead ringer for Linda Carter.

This Megan looks quite nice besides her being beautiful she is of the correct stature. Megan gale nude pics. Halloween milf tumblr Gale does have a nasty smile. But her career has hit the skids. CST at least she has the right look by Rupee Their successors can only hope to be as good, there is no better.

He's got bills to pay. Back to the drawing board.

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